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Feature Story

UT Professor Teams Up with Facilities Services Engineers

May 2017 – Facilities Services plays an active role in UT Austin’s educational mission in support of an architectural engineering professor who includes hands-on tours of facilities operational systems for her students as part of her curriculum. The guided tours, led by experts from the Engineering & Technical Support team, transform student perceptions on how to design and maintain institutional buildings.

Read the full article (PDF), see photos of the student tours, and learn more about Facilities Services' Engineering & Technical Support team.

This article is part of our: Values at Work Series

More News

"Have Grackles Hatched a Plan to Destroy Us? No, They're Just Protecting Their Hatchlings"

June 21, 2017 - Listen to a story that aired on KUT about what's really going on with these aggressive birds. KUT's Mose Buchele consults Landscape Services Manager John Burns, who shares how he and his staff have been grappling with grackles on the UT Austin campus since the '90s.

"Management Track: University of Texas at Austin Seeks SITES Certification"

May 2017 - Listen to a podcast interview with Mike Wallick, landscape supervisor at Dell Medical School about efforts to plan and implement a sustainable landscape for DMS with the goal of achieving certification by the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES).

UT’s Tech Team Moves the Needle Toward Building Optimization

March 2017 – A specialized ops team brings their A-game and expertise to UT Austin’s campus as they move the needle toward more efficient and effective building operations. Today’s higher ed facilities managers are challenged with providing preventive and corrective maintenance on building systems, managing energy conservation efforts and optimizing the performance of the buildings, all with decreasing resources. UT Austin’s Building Optimization Team was developed to take on these challenges.

Read the full article (PDF) and learn more about UT Austin's Building Operations Team

This article is part of our: Values at Work Series


"Boomerang Days: The Clean-up Crew"

March 1, 2017 - Read this humorous, yet very interesting article in the March/April issue of the Alcalde to find out what happens when a UT Austin alum heads back to campus and shadows members of our professional cleaning staff with Custodial Services.

"Volunteers help replant Waller Creek"

March 1, 2017 - We're transforming Waller Creek by improving sustainability and visibility! Read this Daily Texan article on our recent service project to replant along the creek involving members of the UT Austin community and see photos from the event.

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