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Contacts List

Description Contact Information
Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) (Training required) https://preparedness.utexas.edu/contact.php
Be Safe Site https://besafe.utexas.edu
Building Information http://facilitiesservices.utexas.edu/buildings
Building Maintenance & Repairs Facilities Service Center – call (512) 471-2020 or email facilities@austin.utexas.edu
Campus Carry https://campuscarry.utexas.edu
Campus Emergency website (serves as communication resource about UT Austin in the event the university's main website is unavailable) http://emergency.utexas.edu
Campus Security Systems (BACS) BACS schedule group email: bacs_schedules@utlists.utexas.edu
Capital Projects and Construction Advisory http://campusplanning.utexas.edu
CRIB Projects PMCS(512) 471-7776 or pmcs@austin.utexas.edu
Custodial Services Call (512) 471-2020 or email facilities@austin.utexas.edu
Dean of Students – Policies and Forms http://deanofstudents.utexas.edu/2609/generalpolicies.php
Emergency Planning https://preparedness.utexas.edu/contact.php
Energy Stewards energysteward@austin.utexas.edu
Event Support Facilities Service Center – call (512) 471-2020 or email fs-events@austin.utexas.edu
Environmental Health & Safety Forms https://ehs.utexas.edu/forms.php
Facilities Service Center Call (512) 471-2020 or email facilities@austin.utexas.edu
Fire Prevention Services http://fireprevention.utexas.edu/contact
Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP) https://policies.utexas.edu
Information Technology Services - IT@UT https://it.utexas.edu
Move Support Facilities Service Center – call (512) 471-2020 or email facilities@austin.utexas.edu
Parking & Transportation Services https://parking.utexas.edu
Project Management & Construction Services http://pmcservices.utexas.edu/about/ServicesArticle.html
Reporting Facility-related Emergencies Facilities Service Center – (512) 471-2020 dial “0”, select option 3. You can speak with a representative or leave a message.
Security Planning http://police.utexas.edu/about/crime_prevention.html
Tobacco-Free Campus Website http://sites.utexas.edu/tobaccofree
University of Texas Police Department (512) 471-4441 and dial “9” to speak to an operator or visit https://police.utexas.edu
Utility Reporting (e.g., usage) https://utilities.utexas.edu/ then click on “ENURGY” (UT EID required)
Work Order Request and Query System (WORQS) https://utdirect.utexas.edu/apps/cpfm/worqs/

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