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Rates & Fees

Recharge Rates for FY 2018-2019

Facilities Services Labor Rates (per hour)

Below is a chart of the labor rates per hour by the type of service provided. All rate changes were approved by the university’s Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Darrell Bazzell.

  Building Maintenance Fire Safety Systems Custodial Landscape Events/Moving Locks/Keys
2009 cost recovery rate $33.03 $33.03 $21.28 $24.58 $27.12 $33.03
FY 2017-2018 approved cost recovery rate $39.64 $39.64 $25.54 $29.50 $50.78 $54.99
FY 2018-2019 approved cost recovery rate $47.57 $47.57 $28.64 $35.40 $50.78 $54.99
Full cost recovery rate $68.66 $65.23 $28.64 $43.87 $50.78 $54.99
Expected phase-in period at 20% per year 5 years 5 years N/A 4 years N/A N/A

Other Facilities Services Rates

Service Description Rate
Solid Waste: Landfill, 1.5 cubic yard dumpster/dock hamper $1,827 per year
Solid Waste: Recycling, 1.5 cubic yard dumpster/dock hamper $1,513 per year
Solid Waste: Landfill, 96 gallon toter $609 per year
Solid Waste: Recycling, 96 gallon toter $504 per year
Building Automation System Monitoring (per point) $5.27 per year
Lock & Key Services: Issue new key $13.60 per key issued
Lock & Key Services: Rekey lock/cylinder $81.00 per lock/cylinder rekeyed

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there an increase?

Recharge rates in Facilities Services had not increased since 2009. The 2009 rates did not reflect the full cost of providing each service, but only reflected partial labor costs and ignored all non-labor costs (such as uniforms, telephones, fuel, vehicle maintenance, computers, etc.). Insufficient rates resulted in Facilities Services indirectly subsidizing various campus departments.

Who approved the increase?

The increase in recharge rates was approved by the university’s Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Darrell Bazzell.

What is the impact?

The impact of these recharge rate changes to Educational & General (E&G) units is limited to those departments who routinely request services beyond the current service level standard, or who request non-core services such as event & moving support. For those units who get by with the current service level standard and don’t routinely request non-core services, the impact should be negligible.

When are the new rates effective?

In fiscal year 2018/2019, the new rates are effective September 1, 2018. The recharge rate increases for Facilities Services began at the start of the university’s 2017/2018 fiscal year (September 1, 2017) to reflect the full costs of providing services.

Will there be more changes in recharge rates for core services in the coming fiscal years?

Due to the magnitude of the increases, the recharge rates for core services (building maintenance, fire safety systems, custodial services and landscape services) are being phased in over multiple years, increasing by 20% each year until the full cost recovery rate is achieved.

Are there any changes specific to auxiliary units?

Facilities also began charging auxiliaries for solid waste/recycling services, lock & key services and building automation system monitoring on September 1, 2017. These services were never billed to auxiliaries in the past.

Are there any changes to charges for non-core services?

The full cost recovery rate for event & moving services (which are not considered core services) became effective September 1, 2017, and is charged to both E&G and auxiliary units.

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