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Our Core Values

Service—We focus our unconditional efforts to best serve our customers.

Integrity—We earn the trust of others through professional conduct that includes honesty, reliability, and competency.

Teamwork—We work together cooperatively in support of our mission. We value each individual and their contributions to the team and treat each other with respect and dignity.

Excellence—We enthusiastically deliver quality services to our customer while consistently seeking to improve those services through creativity and innovation.

Stewardship—We conduct our business in an environmentally, socially, and economically responsible manner that is reflective and protective of the public trust placed in us as stewards of the University‚Äôs facility related resources.


Past SITES Award Winners:

2007 SITES Awards Winners

Group photo of 2007 SITES Award winners

Front, (l-r):

Robert Lee, Jr., Ben Reid, Veronica Alumkal, Ilda Woerndell, Luis Garza

Back, (l-r):

Rafael Ponce, Tim Elledge, Marcelino Reyes, Randy Stubblefield, Matthew Carpenter

Group photo

Ken Limbrick, Steve Kraal, Veronica Alumkal, Mike Miller, Melvin Daniels

Photo of Veronica Alumkal

Veronica Alumkal

Administrative Assistant, Facilities Services

Photo of Tim Elledge

Tim Elledge

Plumber, Zone 1, Facilities Services

Photo of Luis Garza

Luis Garza

Supervisor, Landscape Services, Facilities Services

Photo of Rafael Ponce

Rafael Ponce

Supervisor, Building Services, Facilities Services

Photo of Marcelino Reyes

Marcelino Reyes

Building Attendant II, Facilities Services

Photo of Matthew Carpenter

Matthew Carpenter

Techincal Trade Assistant Supervisor, Project Management & Construction Services

Photo of Ilda Woerndell

Ilda Woerndell

Assistant Building Attendant Leader, Facilities Services

Photo of Randy Stubblefield

Randy Stubblefield

Fire Sprinkler Technician, Facilities Services

Photo of Ben Reid

Ben Reid

Manager, Facilities Services

Photo of Robert Lee, Jr.

Robert Lee, Jr.

Materials/Solid Waste Supervisor, Facilities Services