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2012 SITES Awards Winners

Photo of 2012 winners

Congratulations to our 2012 winners!

Back row: Javier Duarte, Adam Ramirez, Kenneth Rhinehart, Glenn Sauls, Michael Platis

Front row: Patricia Smith, Irma Ureña, Lizbell Bevington, Sang Lee

Not pictured: Tandi Certa (no longer at UT)

photo of Lizbell Bevington

Lizbell Bevington

Administrative Associate, Custodial Services


During distribution of new uniforms, Lizbell coordinated the effort for approximately 300 Custodial Services employees, developing an organized process. Recognizing that Facilities Maintenance was short an administrative assistant at the time, she offered to help monitor the measuring process for that division as well as her own. She took the initiative to share her processes, forms, and tracking tool with Facilities Maintenance. Once the uniforms were deployed, Lizbell shared Custodial Services' issues and responses with Facilities Maintenance. Her willingness to go beyond her duties as well as her team approach helped ensure successful distribution of the new uniforms.

photo of Tandi Certa

Tandi Certa

Accounting Technician, Business Services


Tandi took the initiative to resolve an issue that had been problematic for another department for some time. She began notifying her clients in PMCS when she completed a purchase order in FAMIS. This enabled project specialists and project managers to close out work orders and capital projects without having to circle back to accounting repeatedly to see if lingering purchase orders were completed. Her process proved so helpful that PMCS requested it be adopted by all accounting techs in Business Services. Her nomination stated that this employee's "creative approach to resolving an issue that has plagued capital projects is a fine example of teamwork and stewardship."

Alicia De La Cerda

Javier Duarte

Abatement Worker, Construction Services


Javier provided expertise and hands-on support to ITS cabling teams during a study to assess the best way for to deal with asbestos in future projects. The pilot was a joint effort among PMCS, ITS, and Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S). Javier became the single point of contact and asbestos abatement subject matter expert to the ITS installation teams. On his own initiative, he maintained a log for all projects--defining scope, time and materials. This log provides ITS with information they need to support future asbestos requirements. The asbestos program manager for EHS noted that Javier's "experience and willingness to participate in the study has gone a long way to a successful outcome."

photo of Sang Lee

Sang Lee

Project Manager, Project Management


A project to improve safety of walkways in the Biology Building attic was funded for $20,000 based on using contract labor. Sang saw potential savings in using shop labor instead. He coordinated work with PMCS shops, and the project closed with a total cost of $1,075, saving 95% of the original budget. Replacing an unsafe platform and ladder in the Homer Rainey Hall organ chamber was funded for $15,000. Working with General Construction, Sang was able to reduce the cost to 34% of the original budget. Due to his stewardship, a second Rainey Hall project safety project can be fully funded from those savings, and the savings may fund additional safety projects in the future.

photo of Michael Platis

Michael Platis

Project Manager, Project Management


Over the past year, the PMCS Project Management engineering team experienced the departure of three of its five mechanical engineers. Mike took on many of the projects previously assigned to those engineers in addition to the projects already assigned to him. A number of the projects he took over were HVAC equipment replacements scheduled for summer 2012. Had this employee not seen these projects through to completion, they would likely have been postponed until summer 2013, causing numerous project issues for the Project Management group and clients. Throughout his tough project schedule Mike was focused on the tasks at hand, but still made time to help others by providing his expertise.

photo of Adam Ramirez

Adam Ramirez

Electrician, Construction Services


One example of the positive difference Adam has made at UT is lighting the Tower for special events. Previously, two PMCS workers spent about three hours running an electrical cord with plugs and light fixtures up the stairwell of the Tower, floor by floor. After the event, the process had to be done in reverse. Adam came up with the idea to install wiring that could be left in place. Wiring and fixtures mounted on each level simply require turning on a switch to light the level. This requires only one person and eliminates installing and removing wiring every time an event takes place. Adam is always willing to work where his expertise is needed, and clients have commented on how well he communicates with them and his level of knowledge and skill.

photo of Kenneth Rhinehart

Kenneth Rhinehart

Cabinetmaker, Construction Services


Kenny takes pride in his work and consistently provides excellent service. He has done the work of two employees for extended periods, and through his extra effort and dedication the work continues to be done well. For example, Kenny has completed several projects for the Harry Ransom Center, working closely with the clients to ensure his work complements the décor and functional needs of the HRC. This employee played a key role in preparing spaces for the PMCS Electric and Paint shops after they moved. By taking time to teach his skills to other employees, Kenny prepared PMCS carpenters to perform quality work for Dell Pediatric Institute as well as for an administrative office in FC1. Kenny demonstrates stewardship on a daily basis by keeping the shop and its equipment clean and in good, working order.

photo of Glenn Sauls

Glenn Sauls

Solid Waste Crew Leader, Support Services


Glenn consistently has a positive, service-oriented approach to his work. For example, when a customer requested delivery of a large blue recycle bin for cleaning out an office, she reported that “it was here in our office in less than 10 minutes—tops! He is responsible for the day’s tasks and this one was done in record time.” Another example was when a PMCS employee asked for help with properly disposing of almost 150 boxes. Glenn explained that another division was the appropriate contact. However, he contacted the customer the next day, being sure he spoke directly to her to verify that her request had been handled satisfactorily. Describing this experience, the customer said, "This impressed me greatly—personal, efficient, customer oriented." She added that "he made me feel like his one and only customer."

photo of Patricia Smith

Patricia Smith

BAL/Crew Leader, Custodial Services


Patty exemplifies commitment to excellence and quality of service. During the past year, she took the initiative to document how the new work-loading schematics were improving service in the buildings her crew maintains. Although not required, her documentation helped keep trainers and management aware of issues, progress, and improvements in the three buildings. She has demonstrated commitment to the new process in her daily operations as well as her documentation. Patty is also committed to helping her coworkers grow professionally. After attending a training she thought would be useful to her fellow BALs, she proposed a similar professional development course for them and offered to develop and deliver the training herself.

photo of Irma Urana

Irma Ureña

Senior Administrative Associate, Administrative & Personnel Services


Irma exemplified a commitment to excellence and teamwork in many areas this year, but perhaps most notably in her lead role in planning the Campus Planning & Facilities Management (CPFM) Showcase peer-to-peer conference. On a tight schedule, Irma formed a dedicated committee that represented the CPFM departments. Throughout the planning process, she set deadlines, followed up to be sure those were being met, gathered ideas and feedback from her committee members, and was thorough every step of the way—all while working on other important duties. Even with no operating budget, Irma handled the Showcase planning with "excellence and a clear head" and with "eagerness to perform at a high level of excellence."

Photo of team award winners from the night shift

Team Award Winners – Sheet Metal Shop

Henry Rostro, Supervisor & Master Sheet Metal Technician, and Jorge (Luis) Sandoval, Master Insulator

On any given day, Henry (left) and Luis (right) repair infrastructure for Facilities Maintenance on one side of campus, fabricate mechanical support devices and stainless steel duct systems for a PMCS renovation on another side of campus, or replace insulation on steam and chilled water lines in tunnels under campus. They are routinely the go-to team for zones, planners, and project managers to resolve mechanical questions and problems. As conscientious stewards of our buildings, they frequently fabricate components for aging electrical and mechanical systems, thereby extending the life of equipment and improving safety. They are mindful of ensuring lasting solutions and best value. Recently, the former chair of the Physics Department complimented the team on their quick resolution of temperature control problems in an RLM classroom. In one weekend, Henry and Luis surveyed the problem, scheduled the outage, and replaced the failed mixing box with new ductwork and dampers, allowing student to return to class on Monday.