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Our Core Values

Service—We focus our unconditional efforts to best serve our customers.

Integrity—We earn the trust of others through professional conduct that includes honesty, reliability, and competency.

Teamwork—We work together cooperatively in support of our mission. We value each individual and their contributions to the team and treat each other with respect and dignity.

Excellence—We enthusiastically deliver quality services to our customer while consistently seeking to improve those services through creativity and innovation.

Stewardship—We conduct our business in an environmentally, socially, and economically responsible manner that is reflective and protective of the public trust placed in us as stewards of the University’s facility related resources.


Past SITES Award Winners:

2013 SITES Awards Winners

2013 SITES Award winners group photo

Congratulations to our 2013 winners!

Back row: Bill Johnson, Mike Shaw, Mark McEnelly, Jorge Medina-Mendez, Jim Andersen

Front row: Shannon Hanney, Francis Bohn, Markus Hogue, Jonathan Wilkendorf

Not pictured: Steven Wallace (no longer at UT)

Jim Andersen

Jim Andersen

Fire-Life-Safety Technician, Facilities Services

Safety is obviously a number one priority to Jim. When personnel from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center approached the Fire Safety Shop about initiating fire alarm sprinkler inspections for that facility, he provided exceptional customer service. As Jim checked to make sure that the center was receiving signals from the fire alarm sprinkler inspection test, he found that the monitoring company had not been receiving signals since 2011! Jim fixed the problem, which greatly improved protection of lives and property within the Wildflower Center.

Francis Bohn

Francis Bohn

Regulatory Analyst, Project Management & Construction Services

Francis has been developing Tableau visualizations for PMCS work teams in which data are read from multiple software programs and combined to provide visual analytics as a management tool. Existing reporting programs were insufficient. Taking initiative, Francis talked with PMCS staff to understand processes and gain clearer understanding of what they do in the field. Then he designed a report that better captures the information. He could have made work easier for himself by simply updating the current report form, yet he decided to exceed expectations and develop a new reporting program that allows coordinators to make more efficient use of their time.

Shannon Hanney

Shannon Hanney

Project Planning & Production Control Manager, Project Management & Construction Services

For some, leadership is a skill that is developed over time. To Shannon, leadership comes naturally. In 2010, when he became project manager, he met with every member of his new staff and each shop supervisor to learn more about the division, and any concerns they had. Shannon assessed the workload and re-distributed the project responsibilities, which led to empowering his staff and giving them ownership of each project. That led to consistency and efficiency in the execution of each project. What makes him stand out is the fact that he cannot say no; he researches every issue and questions to respond to inquiries with timely and accurate information. He is the perfect example of what a leader should be like.

Markus Hogue

Markus Hogue

Irrigation and Water Conservation Coordinator, Facilities Services

Markus has supported implementation of the new central controlled irrigation system on Main Campus and the fine tuning of the system to have it operate efficiently. He has done such a great job that the results have been recognized beyond the university. The City of Austin has taken notice of Markus' efforts to reduce water use by the university. He works hard to improve the efficiency of the university's irrigation system and promote these efficiencies not only within the campus community, but also to outside agencies and organizations, His stewardship has reduced use of irrigation water on campus, which has been noticed well beyond UT.

Bill Johnson

William "Bill" Johnson

Building Control Technician, Facilities Services

When an HVAC (heating/ventilation/air conditioning) technician in Zone 3 resigned during the busiest time of the year, Bill was approached about filling the slot temporarily. He responded with, "Whatever I can do to help." He even changed his day off. During the 14 months Bill filled the position, he obtained his North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification in HVAC and certification in I&C. Although he had a busy schedule, he never complained about the assignment and was an all-around worker.. Bill's eagerness to get the work done meets the definition of teamwork and supports the mission of Zone 3 and the university.

Jorge Medina-Mendez

Jorge Medina-Mendez

Building Attendent Leader, Facilities Services

Jorge is one of those people who can't say "no." He has volunteered at many events throughout the year. Even when others volunteer him for the events, he says that he wants to help however he can. Jorge is willing to draw, paint, and build. He is even willing to dress in a costume if he has to! One example of his willingness to help in any way was the CPFM Showcase, where he was giving a walking tour. One of the CPFM employees was having trouble keeping up due to pain in her knee, so Jorge walked with her during the entire tour. He does not expect a thank-you; he just enjoys helping others. That's what teamwork is about.

Mark McEnelly

Mark (Mack) McEnelly

Facilities Maintenance Crew Leader, Facilities Services

With Mack, opportunities for innovation never go unnoticed. Using the water from the chilling towers, he has worked on a way to recycle water, filter it, and have the water refill the cooling tower. This fits with the university's vision of "going green" by recycling thousands of gallons of water. Mack has spent many hours implementing this and making sure it works as designed. The cost of filtering the water is nothing compared to the cost of dumping and refilling the system from the beginning with city water. Not only is Mack helping to save the planet, but he is also saving money that can be used for other innovative projects.

Mike Shaw

Michael (Mike) Shaw

Facilities Maintenance Crew Leader, Facilities Services

Mike exemplifies teamwork. He has acquired several licenses and certifications through hard work and dedication. Yet, he does not stop there; he encourages his coworkers to do the same. He's been working with Zone 2 Maintenance Workers (MW) II in order to help them develop new skills, provided hands-on training for three Zone 2 MWs II to become licensed plumbers with the State of Texas, and is helping them meet all the requirements to receive their Journeyman Plumber license. Mike also helps develop a strong bond among the workers by creating a potluck in which all can participate. Because of Mike's teamwork quest, Zone 2 is more productive, and the skills of several members of the team have increased.

Steven Wallace

Steven Wallace

Operating Accounts Manager, Business & Financial Services

(Although Steven is no longer with UT, he was selected for a SITES award before his departure.) Working hard is something that Steven is good at. Earlier in 2013, a project reimbursable account was depleted. When asked to assis with this account situation, Steven responded quickly. He remained in the office until late in the evening trying to resolve it. He came in early the next day to make the corrections and follow through with the central accounting department until the issue was resolved. Steven didn't stop there. He not only made sure that the problem was corrected, but also brought it to the attention of others in case the same problem was occuring elsewhere.

Jonathan Wilkendorf

Jonathan Wilkendorf

Facilities Service Center Data Coordinator, Facilities Services

A lot can go wrong when implementing a new program. Jonathan made sure that everything ran smoothly during implementation of Oracle's RightNow knowledge base customer service software tool for the Facilities Service Center (FSC). He oversaw and guided that process, providing the expertise and experience to ensure the FSC vision became reality. Since the day the program was launched, he has provided research, guidance, and knowledge of new software with no outside help. With his determination and superb skills in getting things done, Jonathan has shown that hard work pays off. His skills will continue to improve the center as future enhancements are explored and developed.

Team Award recipients

Team Award Winners – Custodial Services Crew

Crew 443 at time of nomination (in alphabetical order): Evelia Aguado, Yolanda Escobar, Marisol Ginez, Reyna Gomez, Christina Gonzalez, Maria Guzman, Anabel Sanchez, Barbara Villadoniga

Before the dedication of the Gates Dell Complex (GDC) building, the second floor of GDC had been damaged. The floor had a deep scratch from one end to the other, and the main area had huge stains all over it. While stripping the floor to solve these problems, the team realized that they would have to strip the floor to the bare minimum, removing five to six layers of sealer and wax applied by the contractor. Nevertheless, the team worked hard to get the floor cleaned and presentable in time for the dedication. All of the members took pride in their work. They provided the best service to our customers and took charge of resolving the situation.