Facilities Services Coronavirus Operational Services Status Information

COVID-19 Cluster Notification:

A statement was released by the university that we recommend you review.

The following was in the statement:

You may be wondering about cleaning protocols for your building. Following public health guidelines, the university has facilities protocols to keep our buildings safe and clean. There are additional sanitation and disinfection guidelines for spaces occupied by anyone diagnosed as COVID positive. Mitigation efforts are tailored to individual situations and focus on personal offices or common rooms frequented by people who tested positive. When a situation warrants, the university will close all or part of a building for disinfection, notifying the occupants of that building in advance as appropriate.

If your areas would have been affected, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) would have contacted you to coordinate disinfection. If you have further questions related to disinfection, please contact Nena Anderson (nanderson@austin.utexas.edu). If you have any health-related questions, please contact the Occupational Health Program (Healthpoint.Ohp@austin.utexas.edu).

Operational Status:

Facilities Services is supporting the university’s current operational requirements by providing essential services. We continue to adhere to the required COVID-19 safety and preventative standard operating procedures directed by the university.

For service requests and inquiries, contact the Facilities Service Center at 512-471-2020 or facilities@austin.utexas.edu. You can also submit requests online using WORQS.

For more information on specific service areas, please see below.

Operational Information by Service Area:

Custodial Services

Buildings will receive disinfection and cleaning services as described below, plus checks to help catch maintenance problems. 

For service requests and inquiries, contact the Facilities Service Center at 512-471-2020 or facilities@austin.utexas.edu. You can also submit requests online using WORQS.

To view a list of building spaces where custodial services are being provided due to the essential research or core administrative functions performed there, view this link (UT EID required). The report is updated every 24 hours.

Disinfection Program utilizing CDC approved disinfectants:

  • Twice weekly disinfection of high-use public touch-points in Main Campus academic buildings. 
  • Daily disinfection of high-use touch-points at Dell Medical School (DMS) and University Health Services (UHS) including exam rooms. 
  • Daily disinfection of console surfaces, keyboard and touch panel at the front of classrooms scheduled for the lecture capture remote recording.
  • High-use touch-points in academic and DMS / UHS buildings include door handles / knobs (including area around the handles / knobs), push plates, elevator buttons, stair handrails, phone, light switches, horizontal surfaces that are free of clutter, chairs including arm rests.
  • Daily restroom cleaning and disinfection of all restroom touch-points, fixtures, and floors. Touch-points include door knobs and handles, door push plates, stall door latches, faucet handles, flush handles, and dispenser levers.
  • Occupants of personal spaces (offices and cubicles) are responsible for disinfecting their space.

Cleaning Program:

  • Daily trash removal from public spaces including shared space in suites.
  • General cleaning. General purpose cleaner used for wet wiping has been replaced with disinfectant cleaner.
  • Vacuuming and mopping according to level of occupant use.
  • Dusting according to level of occupancy.

Event and Moving Services

All events and moves have been canceled. This business unit is not currently operational.

Facilities Service Center (FSC)

Contact the FSC: call 512-471-2020 or email facilities@austin.utexas.edu.

Request services online: WORQS

Facilities Operations and Maintenance

Maintenance: Technicians are providing full facilities maintenance services.

FCMS (Building Operations): Operators are continuing to provide around-the-clock monitoring of Building Automation Systems and critical alarms on campus from the centralized Operations Center.

Landscape Services/Pest Control

Landscape Maintenance Zone Crews

The team will address excessive leaves on sidewalks and critical areas, as well as periodically monitor campus for trash on grounds, turf overgrowth, and plant health to limit health and sanitation issues.

Urban Forestry Crew

The team is supporting construction projects as needed, routinely monitoring for tree health and removing unsafe limbs.

Irrigation Crew

The team is supporting construction projects as needed and responding to water leaks, repairs, and irrigation requests as needed.

Installation and Greenhouse Crew

The team will continue to address required hand-watering of some beds on campus and of greenhouse plants to prevent loss of inventory.

Pest Control Crew

The team will continue to routinely monitor rodent and insect activity, check traps, provide preventative maintenance to hot-spot areas, and respond to trouble calls.

Landscape Services Equipment Maintenance and Operation Crew

The team will provide minimal sweeping of streets, curbs, and gutters due to live oak leaf drop season. This will prevent storm drain build-up and flooding. The team will also continue to routinely manage brush and trash dumpsters in the Facilities Complex.

Lock and Key Services

Lock and Key Services will remain closed through May 8, 2020, but the team will remain on-call for emergencies and critical assistance.

Lock and Key Services will reopen on May 11, 2020, following the installation of Plexiglas customer counter screens.

During the closure dates, campus customers will not be able to check out keys or return keys without special permission, but customers can continue to submit trouble requests (broken key, key stuck in door, etc.) and re-key requests through the Facilities Service Center.

Resource Recovery (Surplus Property, Zero Waste)

Surplus Property

All surplus pick-ups have been canceled until further notice. Online auctions will be reactivated in the summer, and Surplus Reuse Store services and events will be reopened in the summer.

Zero Waste

All Zero Waste activities have been canceled, including Zero Waste Workplace, Zero Waste Hero, waste audits, and Zero Waste Events. This business unit is not currently operational.

Solid Waste and Recycling

Solid waste, recycling, and compost pick-ups will continue to occur, but on a reduced schedule with a reduced number of team members.

All occupied buildings on Main Campus will be serviced two times per week on Tuesdays and Fridays unless trash volumes indicate that a reduced service schedule should be implemented.

Buildings on the Pickle Research Campus will be serviced every Tuesday unless trash volumes indicate that a reduced schedule should be implemented.

NOTE: For the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, all waste streams will be collected into one compactor truck and taken to the community landfill. Operating in this manner allows the Solid Waste & Recycling team to function with the minimum number of team members possible and allows for fewer trips to the landfill, minimizing exposure for the team.