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FIT Start

Fitness Program

Custodial Services at The University of Texas at Austin does more than keep our buildings in top shape.  As time goes on, many of us find it harder to stay healthy. With hectic schedules we often forget to take care of ourselves. Custodial Services has decided to focus on the well-being of our employees by taking a few minutes to prepare them physically and mentally for the start of their work day.

In the fall of 2010, Custodial Services began working with the university Kinesiology Department’s Fitness Institute of Texas (FIT) to create a program specifically for our custodial staff. Like most universities, we are fortunate to have many resources available to us to supplement our expertise in a multitude of areas. Following a few visits with the Kinesiology Department’s FIT staff we embarked on a cooperative effort to develop and implement a program aimed at reducing workplace injuries.

Development included looking at job descriptions for each function that is performed, then interviewing and observing our staff in action, and finally running some trial programs to see what did and didn’t work for our staff. The goal of the warm up program is to prepare our employees for the demands of the job and help reduce the risk of injury.

Our Award-Winning FIT Start Program:

FIT Start Videos

FIT Start Warm-ups

Swing the Arms

  • Stand up straight. Feet as wide as hips.
  • Arms straight out to the side. Level with shoulders.
  • Slowly Swing the arms backwards in large circle motion.
  • Squeeze shoulder blades together as you circle your arms back.
  • 20 Swings

fitstart- swing the arms example

Twist the Body

  • Stand up Straight. Feet wider than shoulders.
  • Arms straight out to the side. Level with shoulders. Palms down.
  • Slowly Twist your upper body left and right.
  • Keep arms out straight.
  • 20 Twists

fitstart- twist the body example

Alternate & Sink

  • Alternate your feet with one foot in front of the other. Use wall for support.
  • Feet should be 2-3 feet apart.
  • Bend both knees. Sink your body straight toward ground.
  • Switch legs & Repeat.
  • 10 Sinks

fitstart- alternate and example

Reach & Fold

  • Stand up straight. Feet as wide as hips.
  • Reach your arms straight above your head.
  • Fold forward at hips keep legs straight.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • 10 Reaches

fitstart- reach and fold example

Touch & Toss

  • Stand up straight. Feet as wide as hips.
  • Squat and Touch your knees with your hands.
  • Stand and Toss your arms upward as if you were tossing a ball into the air
  • Keep your back straight
  • 20 Swings

fitstart- touch and toss example

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