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Cleaning Program

Custodial Cleaning
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We're Sustainable

Custodial Services is committed to using sustainable products and processes. Our green cleaning program is achieved through the use of a comprehensive, high-performance cleaning management system, (OS1).

OS1 Standardized Process

Custodial Services is one of many Operating System 1 (OS1) users in North America. OS1 (developed by ManageMen®) is a standardized cleaning process which minimizes the amount of equipment and cleaning agents that we use on a daily basis. It includes strategically designed workloads for each team member, ergonomic equipment, and environmentally friendly materials with an emphasis on safety.

Team Cleaning

Cleaning work can be assigned either by space (zone cleaning) or by task (team cleaning). With zone cleaning, each cleaning worker is responsible for cleaning a specific area— from vacuuming to cleaning restrooms. In team cleaning, the work is divided into tasks and performed by specialists—light duty specialist, vacuum specialist, utility specialist and restroom specialist. In 2001, Custodial Services transitioned from zone cleaning to team cleaning.

The functions of each type of specialist are described below:

Light Duty Specialist

  • Empty trash, recycling bins and reinstall liners
  • Clean telephones, chalk trays
  • Dust all appropriate horizontal and vertical surfaces – high and low
  • Pick up paper clips, paper and pencils from floor
  • Spot clean surfaces – door, push plates and glass
  • Spot clean wall and fixture marks and dirt

Vacuum Specialist

  • Check the waste basket in each office
  • Vacuum all traffic areas
  • Spot vacuum all other areas
  • Vacuum crumbs, ashes, other spills on furniture
  • Reposition all furniture correctly
  • Turn out lights upon completion of a room
  • Secure area as required

Utility Specialist

  • Police stairs and vacuum stairwells
  • Clean glass
  • Polish brass
  • Pick up trash on specified floors
  • Spot carpet
  • Clean 1st impression areas
  • Clean high visibility carpet
  • Haul trash to dumpster

Restroom Specialist

  • Refill toilet tissue dispensers
  • Refill all other dispensers
  • Empty restroom trash
  • Clean and disinfect all fixtures and mirrors
  • Spot clean and disinfect partitions and doors
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Turn out the lights

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