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Training & Compliance

Extensive Training & Education

Custodial Services’ Training & Compliance branch has been instrumental in maintaining OS1 and ensuring all employees receive compliance training. It is important that our custodial staff understand the environmental impacts they may have within the campus buildings. For that reason, we not only train employees how to do the work but why we do it. We believe so strongly in the importance of training our staff that all new employees receive over 100 hours of training and education.

New Employee Orientation and Compliance Training

New Custodial Services employees are thoroughly trained before they begin directly serving the campus. The first 40 hours cover compliance, employee health and safety and UT Facilities Services Department orientation. The next 24 hours take place in the classroom and focus on cleaning processes. That is followed up by 36 hours of hands-on training in the field, after which each new employee is transferred to his or her designated crew.

Continuing Education

Our training department strives to provide ongoing training out in the field as well as in the classroom. In fact, all of our custodial staff members receive 40 hours of comprehensive training a year after their initial training. This ongoing training provides management the opportunity to communicate expectations and benchmark successes of the training program. These retraining sessions also identify areas of education and training that need adjusting to improve service to our customers.Training Classes

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