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Replacement & Renewal Program

The Replacement and Renewal (R&R) Program, a branch of the Facilities Operations and Maintenance Division, supports the university’s operations by prioritizing and funding projects that help to keep our buildings operational and safe. The program is also responsible for the university’s facility condition assessments.

Prioritization & Funding

R&R team reviewing project criteriaInter-departmental team reviewing project criteria

The R&R Prioritization Committee meets monthly to prioritize project submissions to provide funding for facilities at the university’s main and satellite campuses.

The R&R Program takes a proactive approach that is focused on overall need rather than reactive to failures and critical conditions. Future budget needs are formulated using data, not limited historical information or guesswork.

For more information, visit the R&R Project Prioritization & Funding Management page or contact Program Coordinator Brandy Hamblet.

Facility Condition Assessments

The R&R team oversees the university's Facility Condition Assessments (FCA) of facilities that are 20,000 square feet in size or above. This effort encompasses 170 buildings across four sites.

Completion of the assessments provides the university with the following benefits:

  • An overall view and source of data on the condition of our facilities
  • A vital source of information to ensure effective and efficient use of the university's funds

For information about condition assessments, visit the Facility Condition Assessments page or contact Program Coordinator Brandy Hamblet.

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