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Landscape Services

Landscape Design & Installation

Landscape Services' Design & Installation team works to systematically improve UT Austin's 430-acre campus by renovating existing landscape areas, mitigating drainage problems, and creating fresh spaces for new plantings. The team strives to enhance our campus landscape diversity and improve sustainability by using Texas native and adapted plants where possible.

Landscape Management

The University of Texas at Austin Landscape Services branch manages a diverse 900 acres across Main Campus, J.J. Pickle Research Campus, and satellite facilities. Landscape Services uses sustainable practices and equipment such as an organic fertilization program, a central irrigation system that is constantly monitoring water flow, propane mowers, and top dressing using organic compost.

landscape services zone mapClick on the map to get an enlarged version of this graphic.

Pest Control

Pest Control provides integrated pest management services for university facilities. Our pest control technicians are licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control Service and are trained in dealing with insect pests such as roaches, spiders, silverfish, scorpions, ants, flies, fleas, crickets, and termites, as well as rodents and dead animals.

What should you do if you find a bat on campus?

Little Brown BatAustin is known for its bats. However, bats (whether dead or alive) are considered a high-rabies-risk species and should never be touched. If you encounter one call the Facilities Service Center at 512-471-2020.

Keeping all campus building windows and doors shut, especially in the evening, will help keep bats and other animals from getting into buildings. Visit the university Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) bats and rabies page for more information.

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