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Landscape Services

Landscape Design & Installation

littlefield flowers at UTAnnual flowers at Littlefield Fountain

Landscape Services' Design & Installation team works to systematically improve UT Austin's 430-acre campus by renovating existing landscape areas, mitigating drainage problems, and creating fresh spaces for new plantings. The team strives to enhance our campus landscape diversity and improve sustainability by using Texas native and adapted plants where possible.

If you're interested in updating or creating landscapes near your building, please contact the Facilities Service Center at 512-471-2020 to submit a request.

DKR Texas Memorial Stadium northeast corner drainage fixed with landscaping before and after
Before (left) and after (right) work completed by the Landscape Services’ Design & Installation team at the northeast corner of DKR Texas Memorial Stadium.
Before – Drainage issues and hillside eroded.
After – Erosion mitigated and plants/rocks installed.

Landscape Management

landscape services zone mapClick on the map to get an enlarged version of this landscape maintenance zone map.

The University of Texas at Austin Landscape Services branch manages a diverse 900 acres across the Main Campus, J.J. Pickle Research Campus, and satellite facilities. Landscape Services uses sustainable practices and equipment such as an organic fertilization program, a central irrigation system that is constantly monitoring water flow, battery-operated equipment, propane and battery mowers, and top dressing using organic compost.

Dell Medical School

The landscape team serving the Dell Medical School manages a diverse site that includes stormwater bioswales (designed to remove debris and pollution out of surface runoff water), green roofs, Waller Creek and wildflower meadows. The team operates an electric fleet of mowers and power equipment and use only organic approaches to soil health, plant health care and weed control. Our team also collaborated with Dell Medical District to win a SITES Gold Award for sustainable landscape design.

Dell Medical School Health Transformation Building green roof installationGreen roof at UT’s Health Transformation Building

Dell Medical School wildflower meadowWildflower meadow at Dell Medical School

J. J. Pickle Research Campus

The landscape team serving the J.J. Pickle Research Campus (PRC) manages the irrigation and grounds at PRC's main campus and at the West Pickle Research property. The team performs a host of activities, from large-area mowing and tree care to various types of landscape construction.

white Iris at Pickle Research CenterWhite iris blooms at PRC

annual flowers planted at the braker entrance of pickle research center Annual flowers at PRC’s Braker entrance

panoramic photo of the impressive bluebonnet display that occures at Pickle Research Center every yearBluebonnets at the J.J. Pickle Research Campus (PRC)

Pest Control

Our pest control team provides integrated pest management (IPM) services to the Main Campus, J.J. Pickle Research Campus and various satellite facilities. Landscape Services strives to follow IPM protocol, which is using the least-toxic means of treating for pests. Our staff are licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control Board and are trained to deal with insect pests and rodents inside university buildings. To request services, please call the Facilities Service Center at 512-471-2020.

If you find a live bat inside a campus building or on the grounds, please call Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) at 512-471-2287.

For more information on who to call for animal concerns, please visit EHS's Animal Make Safe Program webpage.

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