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Campus Recycling Stations

Outdoor Stations

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ART - Department of Art & Art History

On corner of 23rd and San Jacinto near ART building.

ATT - AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center

Front of Conference Center facing University Avenue

BEL - Bellmont Hall

West side of building, facing San Jacinto

BEN - Benedict Hall

West side of BEN, to the right of the fountain

BHD - Brackenridge Hall Dormitory

On 21st Street outside of Brackenridge.

BIO - Biological Laboratories

Corner of 24th & Inner Campus Dr. on the East Side of the BIO building

BRB- Bernard & Audre Rapoport Building

West side of BRB facing Speedway

BRG - Brazos Garage

North side of building, facing Jester Circle

Clark Field

Northwest side of Clark Field - accessible from track.

DFA - Fine Arts and Bass Concert Hall

Outside DFA facing onto Bass Concert Hall plaza.

EAS - Edgar A. Smith Building

East side of EAS facing Blanton Museum of Art.

ECJ - Ernest Cockrell Jr. Hall

On north side of ECJ near bus stop.

FAC - Flawn Academic Center

South side of the FAC facing the West Mall Office Building and Battle Hall

GAR - Garrison Hall

On west side of Inner Campus Drive between Garrison and Waggener Halls.

GOL - Goldsmith Hall

Northwest side of building, by stairs facing Guadalupe

GRE 1 - Gregory Gymnasium

West side (main entrance side) of the GRE facing Speedway

GRE 2 - Gregory Gymnasium

Northwest, facing Speedway

HMA - Hogg Memorial Auditorium

Outside of HMA on Whitis Avenue.

HRC - Harry Ransom Center

Outside main doors of HRC

HSM - William Randolph Hearst Bldg. (formerly CMC)

North side of the HSM, on the upper level, facing the CMA

JCD - Jester Residence Hall

Pedestrian area south of JCD.

JES - Beauford H. Jester Center

West side of Jester, on the corner of 21st Street and Speedway, facing the PCL Library

JGB - Jackson Geological Science Bldg.

South side of the JGB building, by entrance way

KIN - Kinsolving Dormitory

Southwest side of KIN, on the corner of Dean Keaton and Whitis Avenue

LTD 1 - Littlefield Dormitory

At Littlefield bus station on Dean Keeton St.

LTD 2 - Littlefield Cafe

Two locations, by entrances to the Littlefield Café

Littlefield Fountain

On fountain plaza facing 21st St.

MAG - Manor Garage

On sidewalk on the south side of Clyde Littlefield Dr.

MAI 1 - Main Building

South side of the Tower on plaza, facing large flower beds

MAI 2 - Main Building

In MAI exterior alcove with O's cart.

MRH - Music Recital Hall

In pedestrian walkway between DFA and MRH.

NEZ - North End Zone

On the North side of the stadium, facing 23rd Street, near the bus stops

NMS - Neuromolecular Science Building

Outside of NMS on south side of Dean Keeton.

NUR - Nursing School

Outside NUR facing Red River St., east side of building

PAI - Painter Hall

Outside Painter Hall on 24th St.

PAR - Parlin Hall

East end of PAR, facing onto the South Mall

PAT - J. T. Patterson Laboratories Building

Northwest corner of PAT, facing Speedway

PCL 1 - Perry Castaneda Library

North side of PCL, near entrance to coffee shop

PCL 2 - Perry Castaneda Library

On pedestrian walkway approaching PCL.

PHR - Pharmacy

Between Pharmacy and Burdine.

POB - Peter O’Donnell Jr. Building (formerly ACES)

Near the exterior doors for O's Cafe on the east side of the building.

RHD - Roberts Hall

Resident/pedestrian area on the south side of RHD.

RLM 1 - Robert Lee Moore Hall

Outside of RLM on south side of Dean Keeton.

RSC - Recreational Sports Center

West side of the RSC, facing San Jacinto Blvd

San Jacinto Bus Stop

At San Jacinto/Dean Keeton bus stop.

SER - Service Bldg

South side of building, facing East 24th Street

SJH - Cypress Creek Cafe

On the patio of Cypress Creek Cafe. Composting (managed by DHFS) accompanies this recycling station.

South Tower

South of plaza, near stairs and Inner Campus Drive

SSB - Student Services Bldg

South side of SSB, facing Dean Keaton St.

SZB - Sanchez Building

Outdoor seating plaza on northeast end of SZB.

TNH - Towns Hall (Law)

North side of TNH, facing Dean Keaton St.

TMM - Texas Memorial Museum Stairs

On San Jacinto at the bottom of Texas Memorial Museum stairs.

UNB 1 - Barbara Jordan Statue

Near statue of Barbara Jordan at corner of Whitis and 24th St.

UNB 2 - Union Bldg

East side of the UNB, in the eating area by Wendy’s

UTX - Etter-Harbin Alumni Center

South, near outside eating patio

WCH - William C. Hogg Bldg

Southeast side of WCH, facing Inner Campus Dr

WEL 1 - Robert A. Welch Hall

East side of WEL, facing Speedway

WEL 2 - Welch Hall

Southeast corner of Speedway and 24th St near Welch.

WIN - F. Loren Winship Drama Bldg

Southwest corner of WIN

WMB - West Mall Office Bldg

North side of building

WRW - W.R. Woolrich Laboratories

On the far southwest side of WRW, on the corner of 24th and Speedway

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