Billing Information

Non-Billable Services

General funds are used to maintain and repair campus buildings (exterior and interior) including structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems for educational and general purpose buildings and rooms/office areas. Not included are residence halls and most athletic and auxiliary facilities.

Billable Services

Departments are charged for discretionary requests for services that involve non-routine work, building alterations, renovations, improvements, additional services, and requests that are outside the scheduled routine.

Billing FAQs

Do you have questions about a recent charge to your department's account? If so, read answers to the following frequently asked questions about Facilities Services' billing procedures.

Why was my department's account billed by Facilities Services?

Although many of our services are standard and free to the university community, some, such as event support and furniture repair, require departmental payment. We always obtain proper departmental approval before providing any services that involve payment. If you have questions about any charges, feel free to contact us at 512-471-6229.

What is the difference between charges labeled PP LMV and PP FMS?

"PP LMV" is a bill for labor and materials associated with repairs of state vehicles. We will mail a paper bill to the ledger sheet contact. The DTN numbers on these bills begin with the number five (5).

"PP FMS" is a bill for labor and materials associated with work provided by Facilities Services, Utilities, and Campus Construction . We will not mail a paper bill, but you may view billing details by using WORQS. The DTN numbers on these bills begin with the number zero (0).

The bills are our automated version of an inter-departmental transfer voucher (IDT). The IDT is an electronic VT5 that creates an accounting transaction in DEFINE.

What is WORQS?

WORQS stands for Work Order Request and Query System. Anyone with a current university appointment and a high-assurance EID can access WORQS. Default-level access allows the user to submit work requests and view her/his service request history. Expanded access provides the user with additional features including the ability to search for requests and projects and view cost statements.

How do I find out which work orders the charges are for?

Do not refer to the VT5 document. Instead, go to the account transaction in GT5 with the DTN# in miscellaneous field and press “enter.” Tab down to the dash mark to the left of the transaction, key in "4" and press “enter.” You will be in GT5 Screen 4. This screen is where we list work orders (PPWO followed by a seven-digit number) and the amount for each work order. You can match this work order number with the work order number Construction Services assigned to your work request.

If I have a question about the charges, who do I call?

Direct your inquiries to Business Services Accounting, 512-471-6229. This contact information is also in DEFINE GT5 Screen 4 and is printed on each PP LMV Bill.

My paper copy always goes to someone else in my department first. Can you change the mailing address?

No, because the mailing address is under your department's control. LMV bills are addressed to the ledger sheet contact person your DEFINE office manager/delegate entered in GG5. If GG5 has not been filled in for your account, your LMV bill is addressed to the GB1 unit head or PI.

My department set aside some of this year's funds for Facilities Services work that cannot be scheduled until next fiscal year. We don't want to lose these funds. Can you charge us the estimate now?

No, we cannot charge you for the estimated cost now. Facilities Services charges for actual work done. An estimate cannot be used as a basis for an actual charge. However, you may incorporate the estimate into a memo to Accounting and Financial Management to ask that your funds be carried forward into the new fiscal year. Accounting and Financial Management routinely approves this type of request and handles it as a post-closing balance forward entry.

How do I request an account number change on a work order?

Authorized signers may contact 512-471-6229 to make the request. You will need to provide the work order number, the existing account number, and the new account number.

How often do you bill?

FAMIS bills weekly. Work orders associated with letter bills are run monthly.