Renovations and Construction

Building Maintenance, Renovation & Facilities Needs

Building Information

Access the Building Information page to obtain building stats such as gross square footage, maintenance zone information, cleaning schedules, floor plans and more.

Maintenance Zone Map

Please note, this map references the maintenance zones on Main Campus.  J.J. Pickle Research Campus (PRC) Zone Maintenance supports the PRC Campus, which is not shown on this map.

View or download the maintenance zone map (PDF).

Outside Areas (Facility Exteriors)

Report an issue with graffiti or vandalism, grounds, streets, sidewalks, external lighting or other outside area by contacting the Facilities Service Center at 512-471-2020 or at or by submitting a WORQS request. Location information is crucial, and photos are very helpful for us to respond to your issue. If your request involves graffiti and/or vandalism, you should first contact the University’s Police Department (UTPD) to file a report.


Access WORQS to submit a new service request, view requests or search requests. You can also access tools and resources, such as the List of Services, and read FAQs.

How do I request renovations or construction work?

You have three options to request construction work:

  1. Complete a web request form – WORQS (CRIB request – WRR – estimate).
  2. Complete a web request form – WORQS (CRIB request – WRP – proceed with work).
  3. Complete a Service Request Form SR10 (PDF) and fax it to 512-471-8788. [On the J. J. Pickle Research Campus (PRC), you may complete and a PRC Work Request Form (PDF) and fax it to 512-475-8167.]

Warranty & Commissioning

Planning, Design and Construction (PDC) is responsible for the development and construction or renovation of large-to medium-scale facilities at the University. The Engineering and Technical Support (ETS) team supports these efforts in several ways, including warranty and commissioning support and managing the identification of our equipment.


Proactive warranty servicing avoids unnecessary repair costs and time and engages and builds customer satisfaction. Our warranty specialist provides support to PDC by:

  • Tracking when buildings enter their warranty period
  • Coordinating with our zone maintenance shops to identify issues
  • Logging any issues that occur on warrantied buildings and creating a work order to get the issue addressed
  • Tracking and identifying work orders that should be warranty work
  • Tracking the resolution of warranty issues and their completion date
  • Getting confirmation from zone shops that the warranty work was completed
  • Attending warranty meetings and warranty walkthroughs
  • Covering one-year warranties on large projects

Warranty Work Order Standard Operating Procedures and Contact Information Forms:

Photo of G. B. Dealey Center for New Media (DMC) exterior
Watchful warranty servicing protects the university’s investments, such as the G. B. Dealey Center for New Media (DMC)



Our commissioning specialists keep an eye on new construction on campus, helping to avoid future issues in new facilities and increase customer satisfaction with the final product.

How do we know if new building systems are working right and meet expected needs, standards, and specifications? This is where our team comes in. Their support includes:

  • Helping to develop the scope of commissioning
  • Participating in the external commissioning process
  • Witnessing integrated functional testing
  • Obtaining closeout documentation
Commissioning specialist does a walk-through inspection of the Norman Hackerman Building.

Commissioning specialist does a walk-through inspection of the Norman Hackerman Building

Equipment Identification Process

The Equipment Identification (EQ ID) Process provides a comprehensive maintenance service to our campus and is critical to our organization's purpose. As buildings and projects are completed, it is important that FOM knows the information listed below so that we can provide timely service to the building occupants.

  • Equipment being installed with critical equipment information
  • Location of equipment
  • Manufacturer's information and manuals

The documents below describe the process for Planning, Design and Construction (PDC) and their contractors to provide FOM information about equipment installed during projects. This information includes description, specifications, manufacturer, and location of each piece of equipment. From this information, an asset label is applied to the equipment for tracking and identification. Following substantial completion, we can begin regular preventive maintenance and support to the building's purpose through regular service to the equipment.

CP Projects - Click and download the following documents:

CC Projects - Click and download the following documents: