Zero Waste Workplace Program


The Zero Waste Workplace (ZWW) program is a building-focused implementation of zero waste best practices. Classroom and office buildings account for about 43%, or 3600 tons per year, of the daily campus waste stream.

How Classroom & Office Building Waste is Disposed (average)

Waste StreamCurrent DisposalWith Proper Sorting & Services
Landfill Trash66%19%
*We need to clean up our streams: 9% of the current Landfill Trash is recyclable materials while 29% of our current Recycling is non-recyclable materials.

We coordinate with Building Managers on infrastructure enhancements, such as restroom paper towel composting and pairing and labeling bins in public spaces. Since 2018, our Zero Waste Program has been working with the UT community to increase composting access. Composting access is now available at 105 buildings on Main Campus.

At any time, we welcome motivated staff/faculty 'Champions' to partner for:

Resource Recovery has limited quantities of desk-side and common area-sized blue recycling bins available by request. Contact our team with the requested quantity and size of bins, and we will see if we can accommodate you.

Interested in becoming a Champion? Let us know at

Zero Waste Impact Quick Stats

  • Paper towels make up 10% of the campus waste stream.
  • Paper towel composting has allowed us to save 1 plastic trash liner per day in each bin every time the bins are emptied.
  • Through bin optimization, we see an average 40% bin reduction. This allows Custodial Services time to focus on other important cleaning tasks and also prevents mostly empty plastic liners from going to the landfill.
  • All campus recycling is collected as a single stream. Single-stream recycling reduces the number of bins across campus buildings. Zero Waste Workplace re-labels obsolete separated collection bins (such as "paper only").
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Zero Waste Graphics for Downloading

Correct Disposal Guidance Signage:

Resource Recovery Guide:

A Longhorn's Guide to Resource Recovery (PDF)