Rates, Fees, Terms & Conditions

Recharge Rates for FY 2023-2024

Facilities Services Labor Rates (per hour)

Below is a chart of the labor rates per hour by type of service and other Facilities Services rates. The rates for FY 2023-2024 were announced in a March 14, 2023 email.


Building Maint.

Fire Safety Systems






Solid Waste/

FY 2022-






$67.16 $62.84


$79.07 $79.07 $34.49 $49.47 $69.17 $69.17 $64.73 $51.69

Other Facilities Services Rates

Service Description


Solid Waste: Landfill, 1.5 cubic yard dumpster/dock hamper

$2,013.54 per year

Solid Waste: Recycling, 1.5 cubic yard dumpster/dock hamper

$1,667.48 per year

Solid Waste: Landfill, 96-gallon toter

$671.18 per year

Solid Waste: Recycling, 96-gallon toter

$555.46 per year

Solid Waste: Compost, 96-gallon toter

$751.00 per year

Building Automation System (BAS) Monitoring

$7.28 per point, per year

Lock & Key Services: Issue new key

$18.30 per key issued

Lock & Key Services: Reissue lost key

$18.30 per key issued

Lock & Key Services: Rekey lock/cylinder

$88.00 per lock/cylinder rekeyed

Lock & Key Services: Restock issued key
not picked up within 30 days of notification (effective Nov. 1, 2023)
$18.30 per key issued

Terms & Conditions

Facilities Services has established Terms & Conditions (T&C) for its services to better align customer expectations with the services we provide and improve our operations so we can offer the best possible experience to our clients. Establishing T&C is a best practice in the service industry. Most clients will experience minimal to no financial impact.


Download the Events T&C FY2023-2024 (PDF).

The Facilities Service Center (FSC) also developed a process map for event requests, which illustrates how the terms and conditions affect the event request process. Download the Events Terms & Conditions FSC Process Flow.

Solid Waste and Recycling

UPDATE:  The T&C for Solid Waste & Recycling is coming soon!

Future Terms and Conditions

Facilities Services plans to develop T&C for Moves, BAS Monitoring, Lock & Key Services, and Surplus Property in the future, and we will keep you informed as those are completed.