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Facilities Operations & Maintenance (FOM)

Associate Director's Welcome

Darren Hale, P.E., Associate Director (FOM)Darren Hale, P.E.
Associate Director (FOM)

Welcome! I am proud to lead the Facilities Operations and Maintenance Division’s diverse team of dedicated, knowledgeable and proficient men and women. We take pride in what we do and strive to exceed the expectations of all The University of Texas at Austin’s campus communities.

In order to exceed expectations, it is critically important that we all share a common understanding of those expectations. In recent years, resources have been constrained, and actually reduced, while new facilities, programs, and increasingly complex systems have all been added. I intend to focus the unique skills within all four of the division’s operational branches on the stabilization, and ultimately the reversal, of these divergent trends. It is fundamental for the long-term good of the university, our clients, their missions, and FOM personnel.

To achieve this goal, we must recommit ourselves to a number of initiatives:

  • Establish and document clear levels of service provided by FOM while communicating those levels of service to the campus community. 
  • Based on these levels of service, refine, and in some cases develop, a preventive maintenance program that efficiently manages the risk to the university's core mission for the life of the facility.
  • Train and support our people to ensure they have the tools to meet the increasing technical demands required and provide incentives to recruit and retain the most qualified technicians.
  • Quantify and communicate the risk we accept, or avoid, resulting from the effectiveness of the initiatives above.

The challenge is daunting, the solutions are complex, but the consequences of denial are extreme. Fortunately, for me the challenge is its own reward. We have before us a great opportunity to transform our operations, allowing us to reach new heights of excellence, efficiency, and client satisfaction while ensuring the university's mission continues uninterrupted. We will do all this, seamlessly, to ensure our students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to change the world each and every day.

I sincerely thank you for the part you play in this effort. Now let's get at it.

FOM is more than meets the eye:

We are:

  • Collaborative stakeholders in the university's academic and research missions
  • Technically proficient in large-scale and complex facilities operations and maintenance
  • Good stewards of the university's time and money
Quick FOM Stats
Quick Stats
FOM Staff: 231
Campus buildings maintained: 180
Gross sq. ft. maintained: 18,400,000
Avg. annual work orders completed: 90,000

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