Event Support

Event & Moving Services (EMS) provides event-related support and inventory to university events occurring on and off campus. We stock a large variety of event inventory that is available to our customers and set up by our team. Get more information on Event Support services below.

Event Support

Event & Moving Services provides support to events of multiple sizes, whether a small retirement ceremony, or something much larger like commencement or convocation ceremonies. Event support is provided by a collaborative team, including EMS, the Facilities Service Center, the Custodial Services Division, the Zero Waste Program, the Solid Waste & Recycling Team from Facilities Services, and the Carpentry and Electrical shops from Construction Services.

For more information on charges related to our services, visit the Rates, Fees, Terms & Conditions page. 

The following are the services and inventory available for your special event on a first-come, first-served basis:

Image collage of event support provided by EMS at various events

Left: The tower lit up orange for Commencement. Top Right: Event & Moving Services team inspects an event set-up in FC5 for our Director's all-hands meeting. Bottom Right: Event & Moving Services employees pick up tables and chairs from a pre-Commencement dinner at the turtle pond.



ZWE Services Flyer

Event Requests

Use the form below as a resource to assist you with all the additional details that come with planning an event. For more information contact the Facilities Service Center at 512-471-2020. 

Event Planning Request Form

Event Basics Presentation

Why host a zero waste event?

Observation of campus events reveals opportunities for major and smaller events to be held under zero waste practices. Events are a great way to create lasting "Guest Impressions" when attendees interact with zero waste on campus and deepen their understanding of proper waste disposal as well as contribute to UT's zero waste goal.

Consultations & Recommendations

The Zero Waste Events intern team provides free personalized event consultation services to help faculty and staff event planners successfully reduce event waste, including composting. We provide guidance on:

  • Working with vendors and purchasing event materials
  • Setting up waste disposal locations
  • Structuring events to make the disposal process run smoothly for attendees
  • Tracking the impact of the event

To receive recommendations and guidance, please fill out our Zero Waste Events Consultation Form at least one month in advance of your event. You will be asked to provide information or current intentions for your event, especially food and beverage plans. We will follow up with a set of recommendations by email within 2 weeks of submission and can set up a virtual discussion if requested. Contact recoveryinterns@austin.utexas.edu with any further questions.

The Campus Environmental Center's Green Events team provides similar free event consultation services for student organizations. Visit Green Events for more information

Composting at Events

Staff and faculty event planners who would like to compost at their event are required to attend a training beforehand. Trainings are held approximately once a month during the fall and spring terms, and twice during the summer term.

Spring 2024 Trainings


ZWEco Supply Store

Examples of materials available at the ZWEco Supply Store

Resource Recovery’s student intern-supported ZWEco Supply Store offers a one-stop shop for staff and faculty event planners to purchase certified compostable serviceware and request compost bins or zero waste staffing for on-campus events.

UT Catering and Food Vendor Sustainability Database

The UT Catering and Food Vendor Sustainability Database provides UT-Austin meeting and event planners with information on the sustainability attributes of local food vendors. All information in the database was self-reported by the food vendors, and information will be updated annually. If you are a local food vendor and would like to be included in this database or if your business's information needs to be updated, please contact sustainability@austin.utexas.edu. This resource was developed through the collaborative effort of the Office of Sustainability, the Staff Council Sustainability Committee, and Resource Recovery.

Quick Guide to Event Support

Requesting Event Support

To request services or inventory for your event, please complete an online Event Planning Request form.

Submit your request as early as possible in your planning process because our services are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and event inventory quantities are limited. Be as specific as possible about the details of your event and event-support needs.To request assistance with planning your event or move, contact the Facilities Service Center at 512-471-2020 or email us. You may check the status of your request in WORQS by reading the "Requestor Profile" page.

Events Terms and Conditions

Facilities Services established Terms & Conditions (T&C) for its services to better align customer expectations with the services we provide and improve our operations so we can offer the best possible experience to our clients. Download the Events T&C (PDF).

The Facilities Service Center (FSC) also developed a process map for event requests, which illustrates how the terms and conditions affect the event request process. Download the Events Terms & Conditions FSC Process Flow.

Event Inventory

Below is a photo gallery featuring a selection of items available for your event including banners, chairs, coat racks, easels, lecterns/podiums, miscellaneous items, silk plants*, privacy screens, staging/risers, tables, table cloths/skirts, and waste containers.

* Silk plants are for indoor use only and can be provided for an additional charge. Clients are responsible for lost or damaged plants.

Zero Waste Event Case Studies

ZW Gone to Engineering

Large Student Event Case Study: Gone to Engineering (2019)

Guests: School of Engineering students
Number of Guest Impressions: 1,700
Meal: BBQ sandwiches, fruit, chips, water
Logistics of Note:

  • Event Planner (EP) consults with Resource Recovery to verify event elements.
  • EP coordinates with caterer to streamline meal materials to compostable.
  • EP provides bulk water refill stations.
  • Only compost collection provided in dining area. Extra bins (recycle, landfill trash) are blocked off to reduce confusion. Bin monitors from student organizations are essential to provide guidance to guests.
  • Landfill trash and recycling provided for catering disposal.
  • Advance coordination with the caterer for the department to keep any food that wasn't put out for service.

Large Staff Event Case Study: Planning, Energy, and Facilities Services BBQ (2019)

Guests: Planning, Energy, and Facilities Services employees
Number of Guest Impressions: 900
Meal: BBQ buffet, vegetarian options
Logistics of Note:

  • EP consults with Resource Recovery to verify event elements.
  • EP coordinates with caterer to streamline meal materials to compostable, including individually-wrapped brownies.
  • EP purchases compostable place settings.
  • Only compost collection provided in dining area but bins are monitored by student interns for soda cans and other items guests carry in.
  • Landfill Trash collection provided for caterer for disposal of food service packaging.
ZW Student Orientation

On-going Event Case Study: Orientation Lunch Diversion

Guests: Incoming UT Freshman
Number of Guest Impressions: 7,000
Meal: pre-ordered box lunch, special dietary options
Logistics of Note:

  • This is a special project of Resource Recovery to introduce incoming freshman to zero waste, conducted each week of Freshman Orientation.
  • EP includes Resource Recovery during meal planning to streamline box contents to diversion.
  • Resource Recovery provides resources to each school or college to facilitate diversion during lunch disposal.
  • Academic staff are essential to facilitating the rapid disposal process and collect clean streams.
  • Resource Recovery services each school or college, redistributing unopened food and picking up compost.