Service Delivery and Online Requests

WORQS & Online Requests

WORQS stands for Work Order Request and Query System web site. Anyone with a University appointment and high-assurance EID can access WORQS. This system is your one-stop shop for electronically requesting and tracking facilities-related work. Whether you need to submit a maintenance request for service, request an installation or renovation, this is the electronic resource.

There are different WORQS requests; select the form that best meets your needs:

WORQS Maintenance Request

Requests for maintenance or repair of building; building systems such as heating/cooling, ventilation, electrical and plumbing; equipment integral to the building such as restrooms, doors, and lights; grounds such as sidewalks, lawns, trees, shrubs, and pest control; general custodial requests such as restroom supplies and non-hazardous spill cleaning.

WORQS CRIB (Construct, Renovate, Install, Build) Estimate Request

Request an estimate for a Construction, Renovation, Installation, or Building project. No account number required. Campus Construction will contact you to discuss your project and provide an estimate.

WORQS CRIB (Construct, Renovate, Install, Build) Work Request

Request a Construction, Renovation, Installation, or Building project. Forgo estimate and approve work. Account number required. Campus Construction will contact you to discuss your project and coordinate the work.

WORQS Service Request

Request services such as the installation of pictures or wall brackets; fabrication of shelves and equipment; unscheduled custodial services; non-event moving services; signage, map, floor plan, space data, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or Computer-aided Design (CAD) requests. Account number required.

WORQS Move Request

Request move support services. Account number required. For detailed move support and form instructions, use the WORQS Move Support Wiki.

Did you know?

You can check the status of your work request in WORQS by accessing the “Requestor Profile” page.

Event and Surplus Property Pick-up Requests

Use the forms below as a resource to assist you with all the additional details that come with planning an event or move. For more information see: Events and Moving or contact the Facilities Service Center at 512-471-2020.

Service Delivery

Facilities Services is committed to excellence and customer service. That means continuously looking for ways to improve our service delivery to our clients. While some requests from clients, such as events or moves, are planned and have specific dates and times associated with them, others involve addressing an unplanned issue, such as a leaky faucet.

When it comes to unplanned issues, we understand our clients benefit from a timely, effective response to their requests and should be able to count on that response within a certain timeframe. That's why we took a hard look at our maintenance operations and identified two ways to improve the proficiency of our service delivery:

  • We established a more efficient daily work schedule to better manage the work assigned to each technician.
  • We developed a standardized response and completion schedule, based on the mission impact of the request to the client or the university. This schedule allows us to inform clients when they can expect us to respond and initiate our service. It also sets response and completion time targets so we can measure how well we meet our goals.

Both modifications to our operations were implemented by February 2016. Since then we have been keeping an eye on our performance with regard to meeting the response and completion time goals. We are pleased to report that although the goals are a stretch, they are achievable. Additionally, the stronger focus on these targets, on average, has improved our response and completion times over previous months.

The next step is to communicate the new standards to you, our clients, to ensure that everything is completely transparent. To that end, we will let you know upfront, upon submitting your request, when you can expect our service staff to appear and initiate the work. We will provide this information if you contact the Facilities Service Center (FSC) at 512-471-2020 or to report an issue. If you submit a request online through WORQS (UTEID Required), you do not automatically receive response time information. You may follow up with the FSC to get the expected response time if you wish. Additionally, you may consult the chart below, which outlines expected response and completion times, based on the request.

Response and Completion Times

DescriptionResponse and Completion Time


Custodial and Support ServicesMaintenance
Emergency: Immediate threat to life, property, or mission

Response Time: Now

Completion Time: Arrest emergency ASAP; Complete within 24 hours

  • Slip & fall hazards
  • Missed unlocking doors
  • Fallen tree obstructing a pedestrian pathway
  • Broken key in door
  • Major irrigation leaks
  • Health & safety
  • Building flooding or major leaks
  • Power outage –large scale
  • Security & building alarms
Expedited: Non-emergency, but timely response required

Response Time: As soon as available, but no later than 1 workday

Completion Time: 3 workdays

  • Restroom service
  • Public appearance issues
  • Spills, not an immediate hazard
  • Fallen tree, not immediate hazard
  • Lost office space keys
  • Non-emergency safety issues
  • Hot & cold calls (most)
  • Leaks (minor) –contained for 24 hrs.
  • Power outage / localized
  • Security / secondary
Routine: Routine trouble call work orders

Response Time: 5 workdays

Completion Time: 10 workdays

  • Anything that can wait for regular cleaning shift
  • Grounds maintenance (mowing, trimming, weeding)
  • Restroom fixtures malfunctioning
  • Doors & lighting
  • Drinking fountains
  • Windows
  • Repair stand-alone equipment (HVACR, electrical, mechanical)
Scheduled: Scheduled response to client requests

Response Time: 5 workdays for scoping

Completion Time: Scheduled date

  • Event & Moving Services requests
  • Surplus Property requests
  • New building keys
  • Projects with specific dates
  • Client requests > 5-day response
  • Specific access dates

Download the chart (PDF)